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Our complete solution packages ensure you will be compliant and satisfied. Below are our most popular solutions.

Compliance Program

Our Compliance Management Program (CMP) is designed for your regulated public water and waste water systems customers. Analytica raises the bar by delivering a comprehensive, managed solution that keeps your system in compliance with regulatory agencies.

CMP provides all compliance sampling, testing and reporting requirements. Additionally, CMP has the capability to fulfill Operator in Responsible Charge (ORC) requirements and on-site testing.

Analytica solves your regulatory needs, giving your water operator more time to focus on the system and not on regulatory overhead.

Electronic Compliance Scheduling

  • Automated sampling schedules & bottle kits
  • Pre-printed chain of custody & labels
  • Ensuring compliance with your monitoring schedule

Sample Processing

  • Early warning system for MCL exceedance
  • Time to re-sample and report after system has been fixed
  • Improved regulator confidence

Electronic Reporting

  • All testing results delivered on electronic State forms
  • Results sent directly to the water system and the regulator
  • Historical data archiving

Consider joining the list of over 150 satisfied public water system CMP customers today!

Well Safe Packages

The Well-Safe Packages I – IV were developed for homeowners and businesses that draw their water from a private well and not from a municipal water system. Private well owners have the primary responsibility to maintain good water quality for themselves and their families and businesses. Their primary line of defense is through ongoing and adequate testing on an annual basis.

Click on our Well-Safe Flyer for more details on each ​package.

The Water Well Drillers Package is designed for any new groundwater well or surface water source intended for use as a Community Public Water System.

Well-Safe I

This testing package allows the private well owner the ability to safeguard against major health risks. The package provides analysis for the following constituents:

  • Arsenic — a highly toxic contaminant that can occur naturally in the environment. It is hazardous in nature and has been linked to birth defects in children.
  • Coliform — a bacterium that is an indicator of the presence of fecal contamination.
  • Nitrates — can be a result of overuse of fertilizers, failing septic systems or inadequate dilution and/or separation between the septic system and the well.

Well-Safe II

In addition to the information provided in the Well-Safe I package. Well-Safe II evaluates additional water quality parameters providing information for any additional treatment that needs to be performed.

Well-Safe III

This testing package allows the well owner to understand the overall quality of the well water and its impact on human health, effectiveness of the well system itself and any changes that may be prudent to improve water quality to acceptable levels.

Well-Safe IV

A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Drinking Water. This Package contains all the tests performed for a Well-Safe I, a Well-Safe II, and a Well-Safe III, but also includes additional nutrients and metals that can be cause for concern when drinking well water.

Water Well Drillers Package

The Water Well Drillers Package, is designed for Community Public Water Systems. Analytica has a Colorado and Alaska Package designed to meet each states regulations.

Colorado Package
Alaska Package

Fisherman Kit

Designed specifically for our seafood processing customers that must comply with the Alaska Offshore Seafood Processors APDES General Permit AKG523000, Analytica has interpreted the technical requirements of the general permit and developed an all-inclusive Fisherman’s kit to make your life easier.

Each Fisherman’s kit includes the following:

  • Approved bottles for ADEC certified oil & grease, BOD/TSS, Fecal coliform and Entercocci.
  • Detailed sampling instruction with each kit.
  • Pre-printed chain of custody
  • Cooler, Gel ice, gloves and temperature blank
  • Outbound shipping to your location
  • Return overnight air bill

Let us help you make compliance easy!